Firearms Training Center and Firing Range

The firing range is free to use for the residents of St. Martin Parish. You must be a resident of St. Martin Parish to use the firing range. All individuals who request to use the firing range will be required to sign a waiver releasing the St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office from liability in the event of an injury or death.  All weapons, ammunition, accessories, etc. are subject to inspection by firing range staff.  All weapons WILL be unloaded when brought onto the firing range property and will only be loaded on the firing line.  When firing is completed, that weapon will then be unloaded prior to leaving the firing line.  In the event of unsafe or unauthorized actions, the St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office reserves the right to remove and refuse those parties from the Firing Range.

Scheduling Time At The Range

Click on the link below to schedule a pistol lane, rifle lane or concealed carry permit course.  The firing range is open on select dates.  Concealed Carry Permit courses will be added to the schedule, as they become available.  When signing up for range time or a class, a criminal history background check will be performed.  Full name, date of birth and social security number are required for this information to be attained (Please fill out all the information fields).  You will receive a notification once your request has been accepted by the firing range staff.  You will also be notified if that request has been denied.

Range Safety Rules
General Range Safety Rules as indicated on the signage at the range.

Firing Range Location and Contact information (Click Address for Map)

1381 Francois Road,
St. Martinville, LA  70582