Inmate Money and Commissary

The St. Martin Parish Jail allows its inmates to purchase personal items, snacks, and other sundries from its commissary. The inmates must use their own personal funds in order to make these purchases.

Families and friends of inmates are allowed to put money on deposit for use at the commissary. The Jail administers the operations of the commissary, including the warehousing and delivery of all commissary goods, and the collection and accounting of inmate funds.

Depositing Money into Inmate Accounts

The ways to deposit money into inmate accounts:

1. In-Person (open and available 24 hours a day in Intake Booking lobby):

  • Accepts cash ONLY, and does not accept credit and debit cards.
  • Must know the inmate’s number to ensure deposit into the correct account.
  • Will post immediately to inmate’s account.