Patrol Services Bureau

Animal Control: The Saint Martin Parish Animal Control unit answers any animal related call in the parish. We are pleased that our Animal Control Coordinator Deputy Terrell Bergeron is one of the few ACO’s that is POST certified in Law Enforcement as well as nationally certified in Animal Control. We specialize in Animal Damage Control as well as Animal Rescue and enforcing our Parish Ordinances and State Statutes relating to animal issues.

Dive Team: The Saint Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office Dive Team is comprised of deputies selected from several bureaus within the Sheriff’s Office. All deputies are certified through the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI). The certification is a one time certification requirement but all divers train several times throughout the year at various locations within the parish. The Dive Team is used in search and rescue operations as well as recovery operations such as cadaver recovery, recovery of vehicles, weapons and other items that may have been used in the commission of crimes.

K-9 Division: The Saint Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office K-9 division currently has five K-9 teams comprised of specially trained dual purpose Belgian Malinois canines and their deputy handlers. Each dog is certified annually through the National Narcotics Detector Dog Association (NNDDA).The dogs are used in criminal apprehension, tracking, article searches, narcotic searches, school searches and crowd control. The deputy handler trains many hours daily with their dogs in order to maintain a proficient team. The dogs live with the deputy handlers and report to work with them on a daily basis.

Patrol Division: The Saint Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office Patrol division is comprised of a team of deputies that respond in your time of need and work diligently to keep you and your family safe here in Saint Martin Parish. All deputies attend an 11 week Peace Officer Standard Training (POST) Academy. They receive training in areas such as report writing, law, legal updates, Taser qualification and certification, firearm qualification and physical fitness. Once the deputy has completed their POST certification, they participate in an intense six week FTO (Field Training Officer) program and are evaluated prior to being released to individual patrol duties.

Patrol Reserves Division: The Saint Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office Patrol Reserves division plays a vital role within the Sheriff’s Office. The Patrol Reserve unit is comprised of volunteer deputies, both men and women residing in Saint Martin Parish that have regular jobs outside of the office. Reserve deputies are required to work 12 volunteer hours per month. All deputies are weapons certified and attend monthly training held within the office and conducted by full time deputies. The reserve deputies work alongside full-time deputies at special events such as festivals and trail rides. They also participate in regular patrols and water patrols.

Rescue/Extrication Unit: The Saint Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office Rescue/Extrication unit is manned by specially trained deputies that respond to emergencies involving entrapments such as vehicle and farm accidents. The Rescue/Extrication unit is equipped with specialized tools and equipment for extrication, cutting and lifting. It is also equipped with state of the art lighting and illumination equipment. The Rescue/Extrication unit has someone on call 24/7, 365 days a year.

S.E.R.T. Team: The Saint Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office Special Emergency Response team (S.E.R.T.) established during the early 1990s is comprised of specially trained members of the Saint Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office recruited from various areas of the organization based on their training and areas of specialty. The S.E.R.T. team is comprised of a Commander, an Assistant Commander, an Operations Manager, Entry Team Members as well as a Sniper & Spotter.

Water Patrol: The Saint Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office Water Patrol has a deployable inventory of 11 boats. Our boats patrol the waters of upper and lower Saint Martin Parish seven days a week. The diversity of boats in the Sheriff’s Office inventory can handle the unique challenges of our parishes waters; from deep rivers to shallow swamps. The mission of the Water Patrol is to patrol our waters daily keeping boaters safe and checking camps to protect property.The Water Patrol also assists in search and rescue missions.