Crisis Intervention Team

Additionally, follow up calls are generated by the CIT Division to individuals and family members to check on their status and to offer additional support and referrals to agencies in the community that might assist both the consumer and their families. The CIT Office is located at 1815 Terrace Hwy, St. Martinville, and has many different forms of literature available for those individuals or families that need information on various mental health topics.
A CIT Officer has been trained to respond to the following:
  • When a person is in a state of mental crisis and is need of immediate intervention.
  • Incidents involving persons who are a threat to themselves or others due to their mental state.
  • Incidents involving a person who is exhibiting behaviors that may require them to be taken into protective custody.
  • Critical incidents involving persons with known mental illness (this information may have been provided by family members, hospital personnel, previous interactions with subject, etc.)
  • A person who is causing a disturbance without any rational explanation to their actions other than a possible mental illness.
  • All critical incidents involving a person experiencing a crisis.
These types of calls include, but are not limited to:
  • Suicides or suicide attempts 
  • Disturbances with a mentally/emotionally disturbed person
  • Incidents involving paranoid subjects

For more information about the CIT Program please contact us at  (337) 394-2606.