Visitation Rules and Regulations

  1. All schedules are subject to change.
  2. Visit shall be limited to no less than 15 minutes, unless the visitor’s arrival time is such that a 15 minute visiting period could not be completed prior to the end of the visiting hour.
  3. Inmates should inform their visitor(s) to come together at visitation time. No split visits are allowed.
  4. The only persons allowed inside the facility (building) are the individuals on the visitation list, no one else will be allowed to wait inside the building for a person visiting an inmate.
  5. Only 5 people are allowed to visit an inmate at one time that includes children.
  6. Only one person is allowed in the visitation room with the inmate, except when children are visiting. All others are to remain in the visitation waiting area.
  7. Visitors are subject to being searched before, during and/or after visits. Upon entering, all visitors must pass through an electronic metal detector. Any visitor who triggers the electronic metal detector and is unable or unwilling to produce the triggering item, must submit to a pat down search or be denied the visit. The personal search will be conducted to the degree deemed appropriate or necessary by the Deputy Staff. Refusal of the personal search is grounds for refusal to visit.
  8. The only items allowed to be brought into visitation, is proper picture identification (i.e., a valid I.D. Card, Drivers License, Passport, etc.) and car keys. Visitors I.D. must also have current address.
  9. Visitors must register with Corrections Officer upon entry to the visitation area.
  10. Visitors must remain inside the visitation area after registration.
  11. Visitors not allowed viewing an inmate’s visitation authorization form.
  12. Visitors not allowed viewing the inmate registration journal.
  13. Visitors under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be asked to leave the premises.
  14. Visitors not registering and attempting to enter visitation area will cause that inmates visit to be terminated immediately.
  15. Visitors found roaming in unauthorized area(s) will cause their visit to be terminated immediately and will be escorted out of the facility.
  16. Visitors previously incarcerated in any facility, having been released from incarceration no less than 6 months ago, must have documentation.
  17. Visitors entering with contraband into this facility (building or grounds) will be arrested and criminally charged under LA.R.S. 14:402 E – Introduction of Contraband into a Penal Institution (Felony) and any other appropriate and applicable charges (for example: LA.R.S. 40:966 Possession/Distribution of Marijuana)
  18. Visitors not conducting themselves(s) properly will cause termination of visit (temporary or permanent) and will be escorted out of the facility immediately and the inmate returned to the cell block.
  19. No touching, rubbing, or caressing is allowed during contact visits (trustees and special visits).
  20. Visitor clothing must meet the standards of the dress code prescribed below or they will be denied visitation until such time that they meet the required standards of dress.
  21. Visitors causing a disturbance, shouting, using profanity or disrespecting the Deputy Staff and fellow visitors during a visit will have their visit terminated. The fate of future visiting privileges will depend on a final decision by the Warden or Assistant Warden.
  22. The decision is based on the inmates and/or visitor’s conduct and information provided by the Deputy Staff. It will determine the length of the suspension (temporary or permanent).

Note: The following items are not allowed in the visitation area, any type of headpiece (caps, hats, etc.), purses, handbags, wallets, mail, any tobacco products, matches, lighters, pictures, food, drinks, money (to include change or money orders). Visitors personal items such as video/tape recorders, cameras, phones, pagers, firearms, knives, nail clippers or weapon(s) of any kind, alcoholic beverages, drugs, drug paraphernalia, etc., are not allowed in the facility.