Upon arrival into the Saint Martin Parish Correctional Center, each inmate must fill out a Visitation List. The Visitation List must be filled out to have visitation. The visitation list consists of a maximum of 10 adult names (from age 17 and older). Children under 17 years of age are not listed on your visitation list. Only the individuals named on the list can visit. An authorized/listed visitor must accompany visitor(s) under the age of 17 years of age. Children below 17 years of age are not allowed to run, roam, or climb. Children must remain in the control of their parent(s) or guardian at all times. Visitors under the age of 17, married to the inmate, will be authorized to visit with spouse, provided the visitor is listed on the visitation list and has legal proof of marriage. Visitors must remain inside their vehicle when waiting for visitation area to be open or wait in the visitation room once they have registered.

Inmate visitation lists will be updated every 6 months, not monthly, or when the inmate wants to change it. Inmates are responsible for notifying their visitors about the visiting hours, rules, and regulations. Visitation area will open no earlier than 15 minutes before visitation start time. Disabled/Handicap visitors (that are not able to climb stairwells) can be accommodated with accessibility to the second floor area via elevator and must arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled block visit to be escorted to the visitation waiting area and must remain till the schedule block finishes visitation, because of the security of the facility. Only the Disabled/Handicap person is allowed (visitor under the age of 17 will be accompanied with one (1) parent or guardian), all other members must enter through the stairwell and must follow all visitation rules.


Dress Code for Visitors
Visitation Rules and Regulations
Visitation Schedule